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I'm interested in the moment of change.

{The threshold} that makes everything different. Lighter, clearer, more understanding, more depth, more independence, more connection, more authenticity. These are the topics I work on in families, schools, companies and cooperations.

Shall we begin?

Welcome, I am Corinna Sahl.

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Relational Intelligence

Work is not only the place where many spend most of our time, it is also today where we search for meaning and purpose. It is meaningful to develop your own strategy for cooperation in the workplace. I support you on that matter.

Kaffeepause mit Freunden

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Competence describes an intelligent handling of one’s own emotions and those of others. I consult companies and cooperations with workshops and installtions. 

Lächelnde Mitarbeiterin


Good teams know who they are and reflect on patterns and dynamics that arise in their work environment. I consult companies and cooperations as a supervisor for teams and in change processes.


Family and couples therapy

Relationships allow us to change and refelct on who we are, who we were and who we want to be. In consult you in times of change, reflection and uncertainty.


LernLust e.V.

In 2022, I co-created the initiative LernLust e.V. We think that there's no learning without aliveness. Today, we are a laboratory for change and learning with projects throughout Germany.

I work with families, couples, HR departments, people in leadership positions, teams in companies and organizations and start ups. My clients range from medium-sized to large companies with national and international teams.

My method contains elements of social psychology, facilitation (a method used in international conflict surroundings), systemic theory, conflict management, emotional competence training and psychology. My most valuable resource is the ability to listen to you. Very often, the answers for your questions or a possibility to problem solving lies in-between the lines of the information you share with me. With the help of empathic listening I identify what is elemental and what topics we need to approach first.

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"Relational Intelligence is the ability to deal with the complexities, the nuances and the ambiguity of relationships." - Esther Perel

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