An intelligent approach towards relationships and emotions defines the success of companies. The will to change starts within you, together we implement it.

Welcome, I am Corinna Sahl.


My work

It’s good relationships that encourage us to think differently, motivate us to give our best, awaken creativity and approach challenges with trust. In our work environments these - personal and social - competencies gain a lot of significance. The requirements for positive relationships in the workplace are a combination of a good relationship with our self, knowledge about dynamics and conflict and empathy. Enabling and accompanying companies during this process is the focus of my work. 

Relational Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

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The role of HR

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Essentials for leaders: Listening and foresight


Generation Change


I work with HR departments, people in leadership positions, teams in companies and organizations and start ups. My clients range from medium-sized to large companies with national and international teams.

My method contains elements of social psychology, facilitation (a method used in international conflict surroundings), systemic theory, conflict management, emotional competence training and psychology. My most valuable resource is the ability to listen to you. Very often, the answers for your questions or a possibility to problem solving lies in-between the lines of the information you share with me. With the help of empathic listening I identify what is elemental and what topics we need to approach first.

What brought me to deal with these topics that mostly happen under the surface and are often only seen in outbreaks and turmoil?

Exactly that, I was ever since wondering: What makes people behave a certain way and why does their behavior cause another person to also behave in their certain way and why is it so often that both ways of behavior are not at all beneficial to find an outcome or a solution together?

First, I thought to these questions could be found in politics. My studies at Sciences Po Paris, work experiences in Poland, Israel, Palestine and London, let to my Master in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of St. Andrews, followed by a second Master at SOAS London.

  • Interview: "Wie wir durch Empathie uns selbst und unser Umfeld verändern" (28.05.2020)

  • "Beziehungsintelligenz bestimmt den Erfolg von Unternehmen" Capital Magazin (14.03.2020) 

  • "Wertschätzung als Kommunikationsbasis zwischen Männern und Frauen" EditionF (04.04.2018)  

Roots of Empathy is a classroom-based program for school children. A neighbourhood baby and parent visit a classroom along with a certified Roots of Empathy Instructor throughout the school year. With our age-appropriate curriculum and our Instructor as a guide, children learn to identify and understand the feelings of the baby, then themselves, and the feelings of others: empathy.

Children develop their social emotional competence. They learn how to cre­ate connections and healthy relationships which support their mental wellbe­ing and resilience, and set the foundation for optimal learning.

And it works. More than two decades of research tells us so. Caring, sharing, and including go up. Aggression and bullying go down. And the effects last.

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“Relational Intelligence is the ability to deal with the complexities, the nuances and the ambiguity of relationships.” - Esther Perel

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