"Feelings and behavior are not taught by instruction.

They are developed by experience.“ Mary Gordon - Founder of Roots of Empathy

Emotional Learning for Children - Roots of Empathy

An experimental model for empathy and emotional literacy

Roots of Empathy is a classroom-based program for school children. A neighbourhood baby and parent visit a classroom along with a certified Roots of Empathy Instructor throughout the school year. With our age-appropriate curriculum and our Instructor as a guide, children learn to identify and understand the feelings of the baby, then themselves, and the feelings of others: empathy.

Children develop their social emotional competence. They learn how to cre­ate connections and healthy relationships which support their mental wellbe­ing and resilience, and set the foundation for optimal learning.

And it works. More than two decades of research tells us so. Caring, sharing, and including go up. Aggression and bullying go down. And the effects last.