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"Feelings and behavior are not taught by instruction.

They are developed by experience.“ Mary Gordon - Founder of Roots of Empathy

This part is currently under construction.

Here, you'll find information on educational school programms that focus on Personal Development, Emotional Learning, Mental Health and Relational Intelligence.

Kinder in der Schule
Roots of
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Focus: emotional learning

An experimental learning model for emotional learning and empathy for children aged six to 13. More information at:

Glückliche Familie
school subject

Personality development

Focus on shaping your own life satisfaction, developing personal potential and discovering the joy of doing.

More at:

Mädchen und Lehrerin
Empathy sets the standard

Relationship skills

Focus: Relationship makes learning possible and fruitful. Promotion of relationship skills, mindfulness with oneself and in dealing with others.

More at:

Do you have questions regardings projects, own ideas or want to geht to know more about the work of personal development in school?

Please reach out to me then via phone or mail!

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