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My method contains elements of social psychology, facilitation (a method used in international conflict surroundings), systemic theory, conflict management, emotional competence training and psychology. My most valuable resource is the ability to listen to you. Very often, the answers for your questions or a possibility to problem solving lies in-between the lines of the information you share with me. With the help of empathic listening I identify what is elemental and what topics we need to approach first.

Methodological, there are two options after our initial conversation:


Elements that flow into my work are social psychology, facilitation, systemic theory, conflict management and psychology. My essential resource is my ability to listen carefully. Often the answer to your questions or a possibility to find a solution lies in-between what you are sharing with me. With the help of empathic listening, I figure out what is elementary and what we need to work on first.


Every company is an individual organism and has thus individual topics. My engagement is thus custom-made. Feel free to call me in order for us to arrange an appointment for an appointment for a first conversation during which I hear your wishes and we discuss possibilities of a collaboration together.

The wish for change starts with us. It is deeply personal.

I am happy to work with you and consult you on all matters that come up along the way.

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