About me

What brought me to deal with these topics that mostly happen under the surface and are often only seen in outbreaks and turmoil?

Exactly that, I was ever since wondering: What makes people behave a certain way and why does their behavior cause another person to also behave in their certain way and why is it so often that both ways of behavior are not at all beneficial to find an outcome or a solution together?

First, I thought to these questions could be found in politics. My studies at Sciences Po Paris, work experiences in Poland, Israel, Palestine and London, let to my Master in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of St. Andrews, followed by a second Master at SOAS London.

 Born and raised in Germany, I left my hometown as soon as I could after school to explore and understand the world better. Early on, I understood that my deep interest lies in conflict and how we communicate with those we work with and those we love. This interest brought me to study in Paris, Scotland and London and work in different conflict surroundings in Europe and the Middle East. The years abroad taught me that the first step to solve conflict and enable effective communication lies in understanding oneself. This knowledge became the central element of my work.

In 2017, I settled in Berlin to found my consultancy with the focus on Emotional and Relational Intelligence. Since then, I have been working with companies and people in leadership positions especially to develop the skills of Emotional Intelligence, communicate in conflict situations and work towards positive change in workplace dynamics. My aim is to enhance the quality of relationships in the workplace in teams, between hierarchies and on a personal level.