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#022 - Interview-Special mit Corinna Sahl: Wie wir durch Empathie uns selbst und unser Umfeld verändern Elisabeth Hahnke
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Festival report "Miracles about tanawo '": What makes you wonder

03/17/2018 Iran

The cultural festival "Miracles about tanawo '" for Iranian contemporary art is in full swing. Corinna Sahl is there and reports for Alsharq about her impressions - and what moves herself and others to wonder.

Since Thursday I've been to the “Miracles about tanawo” festival to get an impression of the contemporary work of artists from Iran and Iranian exiles in Germany and Europe. (...)


Contemporary art: globalized, but not universal

03/16/2018 Iran

The term contemporary art tries to unite artists worldwide on a uniform foundation. Two artists from Iran who are currently taking part in the Hamburg cultural festival “Miracles about tanawo” have stated that although the entire art world always influences each other, the West has great influence on non-Western artists. (...)


Theater in Iran: what remains is change

03.03.2018 Iran

The Iranian theater has always been under the influence of the "West" - and yet it has developed a strong momentum of its own in recent years. Supported by a younger generation, according to the Iranian actress Saeide Niazkhani, it has become a leading medium for political and social issues in Iran.

Forms of the performing arts have been common in Iran for many centuries. On the one hand as popular


Cultural festival “Miracles about tanawo”: The diversity of the present

03/16/2018 Iran

The Hamburg Festival in March offers an insight into contemporary art and culture in Iran. Because so far Iranian contemporary art has appeared as an “appendix to Western art” - criticizes the Iranian artist Maryam Kuhestani, for example.

What image do we have of contemporary art in Iran? The art and culture festival “Miracles about tanawo”, whose media partner is the Alsharq blog, wants to look into contemporary art and (...)

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Relationship intelligence determines future success

March 14, 2020

The generation change in companies is looking for answers to the question: What will companies invest their time and resources in in the future? Corinna Sahl, 29, and Horst Tauber, 70, who support generational changes in companies, provide the first answers.

Companies, regardless of size and legal entity, are increasingly required to comply with the following (...)

Edition F


The great opportunity of #metoo - what happens when we really want to understand each other

4th April 2018

The #metoo debate strengthens women's self-confidence. Many men, however, feel threatened by the debate. This becomes clear in the case of Aziz Ansari. However, real dealing with the Ansari case is not a threat to men, but a step towards truly improving communication between men and women. (...)

#022 - Interview-Special mit Corinna Sahl: Wie wir durch Empathie uns selbst und unser Umfeld verändern Elisabeth Hahnke
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